Monday, September 2, 2013


That's right. I'm leaving. My life is just too busy. I packed up my dolls, and they are all stored up, ready for the next generation. I know I'm not being fair to you guys, but I just don't have the time or energy anymore. But, I am so thankful for the four years I had with my dolls, and the 7 months I had with you guys! I really appreciate all of your support, and I just want to let you know that I had a lot of fun! I will never forget American Girl, or you guys. I will most likely be completely removing this blog, so I might lose my account, but I still will be reading all of your blogs, and I will be commenting in my heart:) Thank you all so much. Goodbye.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dolls I Love!

Yayy! It's almost the weekend, so hang in there peoples! Anyway, today I am going to be showing you guys all the AG dolls I love!


First, up my exact look alike, #59! I would name her Brooklynn.
This doll is gorgeous! I would name her Kylee.

I love this doll! I would name her Samantha, but everyone would call her Sammy.

I like this doll because she is unique. Most blonds are blue-eyed, so I like what AG did here. I would name her Alex.


This doll is so cute! When she first came out, i didn't really like her, but now she has grown on me. I would name her Julia, after basilmentos' doll!


I like this doll because of the part in her hair. Something about it makes her look so cute! I would name her Emmy.

This doll is sooo cute! I would name her Maggie:)

I like this doll because of her hair. I like how it's kind of dirty blond-ish. I still can't decide on a good name for her.....

Sorry this is kind of blurry, but something about Rebecca makes me smile!!!

Those are all the dolls! What dolls do you like most?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photostory: Doll Garage Sale

Hey guys! I hope your week is going well! Here is a photo story from my dolls. Enjoy!

Guys, we have wayyyy too much stuff. We need to get rid of it.

I mean, just look around. Our house is completely covered in junk!

She's got a point. I'll call the dumpster service!

Umm, hello, guys, why get rid of it when we can sell it? Let's have a garage sale!

Awesome! It looks great.

We are officially open!

Oooh, my first customer!

Ok, so you have the bubbles, hat, alarm clock, and marbles. That'll be...... $11!

Thank you! Have a nice day!

A couple customers later.....

Woww! All our stuff sold! Time to count our money. Oh my gosh! Guys, get out here!

Guess what!?! Wait, no I just want to tell you. We got $250 out of our garage sale!

 Oh my gosh, that's awesome! Wait, I just got the PERFECT idea! Let's go to the American Girl store! Ohh, but how are we going to get there?

I know! Hehe..............

Okay, everybody on? Let's go!

Owwww! Guys, remind me next time to NOT go with the eight year old's plan!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Molly :(

Huhh, today I was looking on Dolly Girl's blog,, and I was looking on her awesome page, WITO, what I think of! It's an awesome page on her awesome blog, where people request her opinion on a certain doll. I was looking at the one she did on Molly, and looking at all the pictures made me sad :( I am starting to have a better appreciation for Molly! Of course, right before she retires : / She is actually a really cute, unique dollie, and I am going to miss her more than I first thought I would. Goodbye, Molly.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Giveaway on Through the Eyes of a Doll!

Hi everyone, I hope you had an awesome weekend! A couple of minutes ago, I was just on Through the Eyes of a Doll, an awesome blog by Emma! And, she is having a giveaway! She is giving away a brand new blog design to someone out there! Her blog is awesome, and she has five lovely dollies! I just entered myself, and you can too! Just go to her blog, , and put "enter" in the comments! Good, luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My AG Wishlist!

Hi everyone, I apologize for not posting in a while, I have been SUPER busy, and that explains the random "Julie in the Kitchen" thing that I slapped together in an hour the night before I went on a vacation. But, that's not what I came here for. Today, I will be showing you all my brand new American Girl wishlist. I have been going through AG's catalog, watching some youtube videos, and reading blog posts, some of the items seem too good to pass up!

First up, the curly ponytail! At first, I thought this was a weird thing. But, after watching some videos online, and seeing some dolls with them on, I realized how COOL it is! I am still deciding on which doll to get it for, though. Any votes?

Next up, the Classroom Scene. I loved this since day on! It is soooo amazing and realistic, and would make doll school so much fun!
Then, the Science Lab set! It is so amazing! I was watching a basilmentos video (yes I am a HUGE fan!) earlier, and she shows that the microscope in the science lab actually adjusts, just like a real one! That made me SUPER excited and I knew I have to buy it.

I also really want the school locker set. It is sooo cute, and realistic! I'm not really a fan of that particular color, but on the locker, it looks awesome! And it comes with so many cute things to help your doll customize it!

Now, moving on to clothes, I want the Flower Sweater and Skirt Set! It is so adorable, and I LOVE the colors! It is such a fun outfit, especially for school!

Last but not least, this one isn't a JLY item. I really love Rebecca's lace dress! I have always loved it, so I finally decided to add it to my list! I think Julie would look sooo cute in this!

That's my wish list! What AG things do you want? I would love to hear about it in your comments!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Julie in the Kitchen: Let's Make Pretzels!

Welcome back everyone to our third day of Julie in the Kitchen. Together, we have made pie and pizza, and today, we get to make some good old fashioned pretzels!

Starting with the dough, add salt, baking powder and soda, and flour to warm water and stir into a dough.

 Roll the dough into a snake-like shape.

And make it into a pretzel shape (sorry it's sideways).

Then, add lots of salt!

 Bake it for fifteen minutes, or until it becomes a golden brown color, and your done!

Come back tomorrow for the next recipe: How to make chocolate cupcakes!